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I won´t be here friday or saturday as I´m playing the 7-a-side nationals in tarragona this weekend. Results will be updated on sunday

Estoy fuera este finde, subiré los resultados el domingo


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Looks like some of us just couldn´t be bothered to play so we have lost a few members, however we are delighted to receive our italo-scottish friends as well as our english friends. Good luck to everyone, here are the results after just one match!

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World Cup 2010 Predictions

Welcome everyone to my blog. As you all know , after four excrutiating years, the world cup is just around the corner. To celebrate this wonderful competition we will be hosting an event between friends to see whose knowledge is the greatest. In order to compete there are very few rules which are stated below

Rule 1: Download the excel file : HERE

Rule 2: Send your completed files to me at

The next step is explaining the point system used for the competition.

Group Stages
2 points for guessing win, lose or draw
1 bonus point for guessing exact number of goals scored by a team
1 bonus point for guessing both

This means a maximum of 5 points are available per game


Instead of 2 points for guessing a result, from this point on the following points are awarded:

3 points for guessing a team makes it to 2nd round

This means a maximum of 6 points is available per group

4 points for guessing a team makes it to quarter finals
6 points for guessing a team makes it to semi finals
8 points for guessing a team makes it to the 3rd/4th final
10 points for guessing a team makes it to the final
12 points for guessing the winner

The exact rules for guessing goals scored per team still applies.

Bonus points

1 bonus point for guessing the ranking position of a team within its group

This means a maximum of 2 points per group

An additional bonus point is available for guessing the correct bracket path of a team

e.g If you predict England reaches the quarter final having won their group: You get 4 points for guessing they make the quarter finals round and 1 bonus point gor guessing they get there through that part of the draw. If they make it having come 2nd in their group you only get 4 points

6 points for guessing golden boot
6 points for guessing best keeper
6 points for guessing overall goals scored at the World Cup 2010

3 points for guessing total number of goals scored in the final